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HTT shakes and rattles T-Bone the Bear
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Charles: "T33Bone(Melvin), thank you for all of your GREAT post & help on CBID. As a token of my appreciation, please accept this RAOK.


Hank the Tank

WTF? Post? I'm rarely here and this guy shook the BEAR and ruined my cave where I hibernate. Time to move to another location. ram27bat ram27bat LMMFAO

Not sure what I said or posted Charles but much appreciated also on my end. Not necessary brother but a huge THANKS to ya brother.

OK, remember to let bears rest and no shaking them during their hibernation.

Damages: a nice 10'er. TBD in the pic post sometime tomorrow hopefully
HankTheTank CBid.jpg
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Nice hit!!
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No prob! Enjoy!
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Nice job
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Very Nice hit on the ol' bear! Flapper
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