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Spring mystery cigar reviews
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stinger88 wrote:
Ypetryna, the cigars were
1. La Perla Habana Wide (last time we did this, I was given one and I gave it high marks) Yard Gar
2. AF Añejo, I believe it was a 46 but not sure. (Mid range...kind of) I really like the Añejos
3. AF Don Carlos Anniversario (Premium)

I am a little surprised about the Don Carlos review but on the other hand, I have had a few expensive AF that didn't live up to the hype and expense.


Wow. Yeah i do suck at this. That was one he ll of a yard and mid range, and i really want to revist that AF. What a. Great selection. I was kinda close to the yard gar write up i think, and im excited for the 2 anejos i have resting for a good day. Thanks for the fine smokes dave, i have palate refining i clearly need to work on
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You are not the only one.
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